Bury Your Fantasy Football Competition! Running Back Sleepers to Watch in 2009

Every year in dream football circles everybody has their own perspective about sleepers and 2009 is the same. Sleeper picks can develop or destroy your group so think about every one of the choices during the fake drafts. No one can really tell when somebody will have a breakout season. Here are a portion of my thoughts regarding RB sleepers that might have a huge effect in 2009.

2009 Dream Football Sleeper Forecasts: Running Backs

Shonn Greene-New York Planes

While Thomas Jones is as yet the beginning RB, he is on some unacceptable side of 30 and on the off chance that he gets harmed, all signs highlight Shonn Greene as his supplanting with Leon Washington staying the third down back or the RB utilized most frequently in passing circumstances. Shonn Greene makes an extraordinary “bind” on the off chance that you draft Thomas Jones in dream football. I would target drafting Greene around the thirteenth round in regular dream drafts.

Matt McGuire, an essayist for Walterfootball.com likewise puts Shonn Greene on his rundown of sleepers. As indicated by McGuire, “On the off chance that Thomas Jones keeps on waiting and is cut, Greene could turn into a feasible RB3. We truly do realize the Planes love Greene since they exchanged up for him in the third round. Right now, Jones is still on the list, so we really want to perceive how this works out prior to cementing his dream projection in August.”

Andre Brown-New York Goliaths:

Now that Derrick Ward is passing on the Goliaths to play for the Tampa Straight Bucs, Brown is the main contender to supplant Ward as the third RB in the Goliaths “three-headed beast” running match-up. Brown has a similar form as Derrick Ward, so he could undoubtedly fill this job, subsequently he merits watching out for in preseason. Draft him in dream football provided that he lands the reinforcement position to Brandon Jacobs or he is involved a ton in the “three-headed” assault and prevails in that job. In the event that he has an extraordinary pre-season, hope to draft him around the fourteenth round just prior to taking a protection or kicker.

Glen Espresso San Francisco 49ers

Plain Blood’s physical issue history makes Espresso an unquestionable requirement “bind” pick for Carnage proprietors. I would hope to draft him around the twelfth round in most dream drafts and watch out for him during preseason.

James Davis-Cleveland Earthy colors

Jamal Lewis is progressing in years and if he somehow happened to get harmed, Davis is the #1 to supplant him as the beginning RB for Cleveland. Davis is a power back who could return worth to dream proprietors who will take a risk on him around the thirteenth or fourteenth round in dream drafts. Watch the instructional course and preseason fight among Davis and Jerome Harrison near see who beats the competition this year.

Derrick Ward-Tampa Narrows Pirates

Ward gets the opportunity to be the current year’s Michael Turner. Dream Sports essayist Patrick ONeill says in his article Dream Football Sleepers: Running Back Rankings in Dream Football 2009, “Derrick Ward has such countless things going ideal for him in Tampa Cove it is practically senseless.” Ward has been utilized essentially as a reinforcement RB previously, yet presently he has an extraordinary shot at turning into the beginning RB in Tampa Sound. Tampa Sound is a group that likes to run the ball and I accept Ward has the right stuff to prevail in this framework.

As indicated by FFToolBox.com Ward is an underestimated sleeper. “Ward is the better wagered to breakout as a star than Graham in the Tampa Sound backfield, and is a brilliant decision in the center rounds as a #3 choice equipped for creating 1,200 yards on the ground, as well as 40 gets with 7 all out TD’s in 2009,” states FFToolBox.com. Tampa’s protection is sufficient to keep most games close thusly offering Ward an extraordinary chance to see a ton of contacts each game. Be that as it may, Sincere Graham might take a portion of his objective line conveys and this might diminish Ward’s TD sums.


It isn’t football except if we discuss the Dallas Cowpokes so to wrap things up we have Felix Jones. Jones will get more conveys per game, I accept, than a great many people figure he will. He has the dangerousness to score pretty much any time he contacts the ball and could set up extraordinary numbers for clever dream proprietors who will take a risk on him in the center to late adjusts of imagination drafts.

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