Candle Making Project – How to Make Food Candles Using Silicone Molds

Before we go into “How to make food candles”, how about we get into the brain of your light client. You need to know why you are adding this line of items to your flame business. A greater part of your light purchasers love food candles particularly prepared merchandise and desserts. Heated great candles invigorate recollections of experience growing up and when life was simple. Other than summoning recollections, they additionally make a demeanor of “at home goodness”. Where family needs to be.

Even better, your client can have the delightful smell and style of an apple or cherry pie without adding to their waistline. You can smell apple or cherry pie in the first part of the day, early afternoon or night. This is the better showcasing side of process of silicone extrusion molding  food candles to your business.

The following are 5 additional motivations to add food candles to your light business:

Food candles add a startling turn to your flame making business

They make extraordinary presents for clients to purchase for loved ones

Food candles make pleasant party, wedding and child shower favors

They have some good times, particular look

They make decent beautifications for these special seasons, for instance, fruity dessert for July Fourth, pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Lemon Meringue pie for Easter, cherry pie for Valentine’s Day

Here are the materials and bearings I use to make a food candle for basic 5 inch pie food candle.


3 inch natural product clincher silicone shape or an any organic product silicone form. I observe that a natural product clincher is simpler to utilize

5 inch full outside layer pie silicone shape

5 inch pie tin

Votive/support point wax

Aroma oil





Dissolve the candle wax (per organizations headings)

Have 3 separate little holders of the softened wax. One for the natural product clincher, one for the full pie outside layer and the rest for the pie covering filler

Add tone to the compartments of wax. I make the organic product clincher and pie outside filler a similar variety

Empty your wax into your organic product clincher silicone form and full pie covering silicone shape

Permit them to chill

Remove them from the form

Dissolve the pie outside layer filler and immerse your pie covering, ensuring it isn’t excessively hot to liquefy the pie hull shell

Permit the filler to chill marginally to a gel consistency

Put the organic product clincher on top of the pie covering filler. The clincher ought to soak in the filler a piece. This will stick the clincher to the remainder of the pie

Take your endlessly drill an opening into your pie light

Place your wick through the opening

Your pie is done and fit to be bundled and offered to a cheerful light client

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